Where to Find Healthy Eats During the JUNOS

March 10, 2019

Featured on UnisonFund.ca Written By: Kathryn Hummel

With the JUNOS upon us, and festival season following shortly after, we’re focusing on providing an emphasis on how to make healthy choices that will better aid your mental and physical health. This time of year, the music community is busy gearing up for awards and conferences. The energy we use attending conferences and awards shows gets depleted very quickly, especially if we’re not making good choices or being mindful of what we’re consuming, how much sleep we’re getting, or the disrupt of our regular routine.

Now’s the time to start talking about how to manage a healthy lifestyle, and what food options can be your go-to #JUNOfuel.  

As you head into the JUNOS, think about how you feel the first day you arrive on site for what will be days of non-stop talking, walking, standing, and most likely not enough sleep, food, or water. Fast forward to how you feel the day after this week is over. You’ve likely had to travel to get home, you’re probably feeling pretty run down at this point, even possibly depressed. 

Clearly, none of us are super human and the toll these events take on our bodies and mental state are a real thing. Believe it or not, there is a legitimate come down period that occurs. We want to help better equip you with tools that may aid this process and make it less stressful on one’s body. 

With some experience from touring and attending numerous conferences/festivals across the country and abroad, we’ve nailed down some pretty essential things to help keep your body and mind fuelled through this busy time. 

  1. Drink water & lots of it – Staying hydrated is essential. It keeps every part of your body working properly. 
  2. Be mindful on the amount of alcohol you consume – Alcohol is dehydrating, weakens your immune system, and is considered to be a depressant.
  3. Eat & try to make it a balanced meal – This means getting in fruits/veggies, packing snacks to help maintain energy throughout the long days and being mindful of the quality of food you’re consuming. 
  4. Attempt to get as much sleep as possible – Prioritize what events you need to attend and what is not mandatory, insert cat naps where possible. Even 10-20 mins of shut eye can vastly improve your mood and brain power. 
  5. Stretch – Whenever possible, especially at the end of the day, it’s a very useful tool to help come down from the day and get a deeper sleep.

For those of us who travel a lot and take on conference, awards, and festival season each year, it’s easy to run ourselves down. Nourishing your body with healthy, whole foods is essential in balancing both your mental and physical health. They simply go hand in hand.

Throughout the week of the JUNOS, we will be discussing healthy habits on our platforms and asking JUNO nominees what foods and lifestyle choices make up their #JUNOfuel. 

With that said, we wanted to feature some of the many healthy options JUNOS host city, London, has to offer. Below are some of the local options you can grab while you’re out and about this month. 


Booch has become a solution to fast-paced lives, where kitchen time needed to prepare traditionally fermented foods is scarce. Putting her passion to practice, Shannon and her team brew authentic, small batch, craft kombucha locally in the Forest City for communities across Ontario to enjoy. Booch Organic Kombucha believes that healthy beverages are the basis for vibrant living. Kombucha’s immune-boosting, energy-enhancing effects will help you get through this hectic time. Electrolytes, B vitamins, small amounts of residual sugar from fermentation, and even a little caffeine kick are all part of what creates an energizing and bubbly boost, sure to put extra pep in your step when needed! As a bonus, they’re committed to food security, socially responsible business practices, and to nourishing our community. 


1010 Dundas St., London, ON N5W 3A3

Wednesday – Friday 11:00am – 6:00pm

Saturday 8:30am – 3:00pm

Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm


Ketolibriyum is a retail shop and meal delivery service that takes the pressure off by preparing, and delivering 100% sugar-free, gluten-free and low-carb keto meals to your door or closest pick-up point. Their chefs prepare every meal fresh weekly using quality local ingredients and proudly incorporate hormone and antibiotic-free meat from Ontario farmers. They know that good health starts with good food. Check them out while you’re in town! Their retail store is always stocked with healthy treats, baked goods, and a limited amount of pre-made meals on hand. Delivery runs on a weekly basis, but they will be offering same day delivery March 11th-17th for those in London. Place your order by 4:00 PM to receive same day delivery.


911 Commissioners Road East

London, ON, Canada

Monday to Wednesday: 9am – 6pm

Thursday & Friday: 9 am – 7 pm

Saturday 9am – 5pm

Sunday: 10am – 2pm


Come Experience the World of Tea at beTeas Tea Lounge! Tea lovers will enjoy their relaxing and culturally rich atmosphere. Excellent quality loose leaf teas and tisanes from around the world by beTeas (nutrition-based, sommelier sourced), served in traditional and contemporary styles. Their selections are free of artificial flavours, added sugars or sweeteners. They focus on excellent teas and herbs selected for their healthy, natural goodness. A light and healthy menu is available all day for anyone who enjoys some delicious & healthy food along with their tea. To-go tea service, baked goods and healthy snacks are also available.


268 Piccadilly St, London, ON N6A 1S4

Monday & Tuesday:  CLOSED

Wednesday & Thursday:  11am-6pm

Friday & Saturday:  11am-9pm

Sunday: 12pm-5pm

Additional healthy/allergy friendly spots to check out:

Covent Market (130 King St.) – Visit one of the more than 20 restaurants that call the market home.

Root Cellar (623 Dundas St. Old East Village) – Organic restaurant in London Ontario’s historic Old East Village serving local farm-to-fork fare. 

10Eighteen (1018 Dundas St. E) Specializes in hand crafted, fresh pour over coffee and espresso roasted by Trebilcock Coffee Roasters.

Plant Matter Bistro (244 Dundas St.) – Plant-based fine dining experience – 100% vegan and organic.

Plant Matter Cafe (717 Richmond St.) – Organic vegan eats, treats, and coffee. 

Freshii (255 Queens Ave.) 7 different menu categories – bowls, burritos, salads, wraps, soups, smoothies & juices. 

Fire Roasted Coffee (630 Dundas St.) Canada’s largest selections of whole bean coffee from around the world, roasting over 35 kinds of coffee, including single origins, specialty blends, decafs, and fair trade-certified varieties.

Copper Branch (660 Richmond St.) 100% Plant-Based, Gluten-free options – Power bowls, burgers, sandwiches, soups, all day breakfast, smoothies & more. 

Pita Pit (699 Richmond St.) Wraps and Salads. 

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